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The Initial Step For Drug Addiction Recovery Process Is Detox To Rehab

The first step to sobriety for most people in recovery is a detox, in which the body flushes out pollutants. The detox is one of the process clean the body from addictive chemicals, providing patients with stable physical and mental health.

What Are The Factors Considered In The Detox To Rehab Process?

Detox to Rehab process is differing between patients. The factors that affect detox include:

  • What substances are the patients addicted to?
  • The severity of the addiction
  • Underlying mental health condition
  • Any additional medical problems
  • Drug allergy
  • Specific policies and procedures of the establishment
  • Patient’s age
  • Motivation level

Types Of Detox:

There are three types of detox. They are given by,

Medical Detox:

Medical detox may or may not involve medications. It depends on the substance used. The symptoms of a patient are mental symptoms and physical health problems. The term “medical” represents the facility where symptoms and the body’s reaction to withdrawal can be closely monitored. Medical detox is usually performed in an inpatient setting, but it can also be done as an outpatient.

Inpatient Detox:

In the inpatient detox, the patients will be accommodated in a facility where they will receive ongoing care. The detox is the safest ways from many medications, especially drugs with severe withdrawal side effects. The detox team will choose the best course of treatment for each patient and it depends on the severity of the addiction and the substance used.

Outpatient Detox:

It allows patients to detox while at home. Outpatient treatment takes place part of the day, morning, afternoon, or evening. Studies show that the highest relapse rate is for patients who do not live in locations where detox medications are administered. So you can choose inpatient detox or inpatient medical detox and the outpatient detox can be successful for those with mild addictions.

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