Risks of Using Tin Foil to Smoke Drugs

Foil is a very common tool utilized by recreational drug abusers to smoke all kinds of substances including various kinds of street and prescription pills as a means to get high. Foil is often used as a pipe, which is then heated with a lighter. Various drugs such as cocaine, meth, and heroin are consumed in this manner.

While Tin is not used to make foil anymore, aluminium also has several different effects on someone who may use it like a tin foil bowl. This can be very risky, and these risks are the following:

  • The Influence of Drugs

The drugs themselves can have many long-term and short term effects on the health of an individual. Addition and overdose are constant risks of drug use. Drugs themselves are dangerous, and drugs off the streets are only more dangerous because these can be mixed in with other chemicals that can also be dangerous.

  • Toxins in Aluminium Foils

Aluminum itself as a substance has several food-grade oils which can become toxic if heated up and inhaled. Non Stick foil also has substances that are dangerous and cannot be inhaled. These toxins are dangerous and can have unknown long-term effects on the body of anyone who is attempting to consume these drugs. These unknown effects are just an added risk to the addiction that the person has.

  • Alzheimer’s Connection

Drugs on their own have a very strong impact on the minds of any individual who consumes them regularly. The effect of drugs is directly on the minds of an individual, targeting the neurotransmitters. This means that drugs are also able to cause a great deal of cognitive impairment in an individual. This combined with research that links drugs to aluminum-based products only worsens the risks startup.info.

If you find a loved one who may have a tin foil bowl, it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Bringing up this issue to them and having an honest conversation about it can be a great way to help them down the path of recovery from the addiction that they have.

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