Taking Care of Your Skin After The rmage To Get The Most Out of This Treatment

Aging is unstoppable, but you can surely slow it down with some current non-invasive methods. With technology advancement, you get the easiest and subtle yet enhanced natural-looking results from non-surgical procedures to combat the signs of aging.

Thermage is one such skin tightening treatment that effectively targets the problem of sagging skin. This is a safe option fora facelift that involves no needles, no surgery, and no downtime. At Retens Medical Centre, you will get the best skin firming treatment that is suitable for use on any part of the body where the skin sags like in the arms, buttocks, thighs, knees including the eyes, neck, and the face.

Located in TsimShaTsui, Retens Medical uses pure methods to ensure safe and reliable high-end treatments for any kind of skin problem. The treatments are done by experienced doctors who use the most advanced medical instruments equipped with FDA and EU CE certification from the US Food and Drug Administration. They provide a complete range of medical aesthetic solutions to solve any kind of skin-related problems.

Since its opening, Retens has received positive responses from customers. The centre has won the “Favourite Frozen Age Medical Beauty Centre Award” in the she.com Beauty Awards 2021.

How skin lifting is done?

熱瑪吉 basically does two things:

  • It revitalises the collagen synthesis in the skin
  • It provides the kind of lifting that the skin needs

This non-invasive, safe and effective method treats the problem of sagging skin by using the RF or radiofrequency technology. It sends the required heat energy waves into deep layers of the skin stimulating the collagen protein.

As the collagen is stimulated, the skin tightens and there is a noticeable result of natural lift. The treatment is so effective that you only need to get it done once a year and the results could last for up to one year. However, there are certain things to be done to maintain post-treatment results.

Maintaining the post-treatment results

If you choose Thermage FLX for your anti-aging needs for a firmer and tighter appearance then you need to be aware on how to best maintain the results.

1) Reducing sun exposure:

  • After the treatment, protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, heat, and radiation
  • Use sunscreen everyday to protect your face and sensitive skin from UV damage
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat when stepping out in the sun
  • This will protect your face and also shield your neck from overexposure.

2) Use quality medical skin products:

  • Using quality medical products for skincare is recommended for maintaining post-treatment results
  • Choose the best skincare product designed for your skin type.

3) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Avoid highly processed foods
  • Reduce intake of alcohol and nicotine as they reduce the body’s ability to rejuvenate skin cells

4) Repeat the treatment: Consider re-treating your procedure at least once in two years for maintaining better results.

Follow these tips and the results will last for a longer time. This great anti-aging treatment gives your skin complete rejuvenation so that you age gracefully.

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