Foods That Are Surprisingly Bad For Your Smile!

Bad teeth are not only bad for your dental health but also for your confidence and self-image. When you have bad teeth, such as stained or yellow teeth, you may find it difficult to easily smile or speak in public without constantly worrying about what the other person is thinking of you. While brushing and flossing are basics for good oral health, you should watch your diet too. 

Having a healthy diet is crucial for your dental health. Some foods and beverages are not good for your teeth, and you should avoid them as much as possible to preserve your teeth’s beauty and strength. If your teeth have already been ruined beyond repair at home, visit a dentist in Salina, Kansas, today. 

Foods that are surprisingly bad for your smile 

  • Starchy foods. 

Starchy foods like chips, bread, and crackers may seem harmless but can be as bad for your teeth as sugary items. This is because starchy food items contain carbohydrates which break down into sugars when you chew them and mix them with your saliva. The bacteria inside your mouth turn these sugars into acid, resulting in tooth decay if not cleaned properly. 

You can still have starchy foods, but they are recommended in small amounts. Moreover, you must brush and floss more carefully when you take these foods to remove any traces of food. 

  • Dried fruits. 

One of the most surprising food items that are not good for your teeth is dried fruits. If you like fruits, it is best to stick to the fresh version instead of the dried one. Fresh fruits are not only better for your teeth than dried fruits, but they also contain more nutrients needed by your body. For example, apples and pears increase saliva production, but dried ones do not do the same. 

Dried fruits are more concentrated with sugar. Additionally, they have a sticky texture, making them more difficult to remove from the teeth. Even when you brush carefully, bits of dried fruit may still be stuck inside your mouth. 

  • Popcorn. 

Popcorn looks like a harmless snack that people often munch on when watching movies. While popcorn does not contain sugar, it can still stick to your teeth and cause irritation. Moreover, popcorn tubs contain a few unpopped kernels, biting down on which can chip your tooth. Plain popcorn with whole grain is fine, but avoid the ones with drilled caramel or other sugary flavors. 

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