Here are Some Handy Tips for Replacing the Toothbrush Heads

The dentists provide a general toothbrush or toothbrush head replacement schedule. The ideal time of replacement is 90 days. But actually, the replacement schedule is a very personal thing. It completely depends on the number of times you brush in a day and the pressure you apply on your teeth. This applies throughout, even if you use an electric toothbrush, an eco-friendly one or a plastic one. 

Here are a few more details on the same, which will help clear all your doubts.

Why you should change the toothbrush head?

A toothbrush is an essential element in our daily routine, and hence, we must not compromise with it. The quality of the toothbrush is going to determine the health of your gums and teeth. The better the toothbrush, the better will be its ability to prevent plaque formation and buildup. However, when you are constantly using your brush for a period of time, the bristles wear and tear, and lose their initial shape. So, the more you use it, the more cuts and scratches will be endured by your gums.

What are the tips for replacing the brush heads?

Mostly, the replacement of the brush head seems difficult because you will be caught up in your daily routine. Hence, here are some effective tips to help you out:

  • Set a reminder for the act. You can either use a physical calendar, or you can even use automated reminders on your phone to make it easier. Now, changing the toothbrush heads will not be a hassle.
  • You can also use color-changing brush heads. There are multiple replaceable heads available, which are made using color codes. These color-changing bristles will indicate the time when they should be changed. This is a very easy way to remember when to change your toothbrush.
  • Buy the toothbrush heads in bulk. If you forget to get new brush heads every now and then, it is better to get them in bulk. With refills as a backup, the replacement won’t be an issue anymore. Whenever you find the bristles getting damaged, get yourselves one from the drawer.

Now you know exactly why it is important to replace the toothbrush heads and what the old ones can do to you. For ease of use, you can always rely on healthy alternatives like Nada recyclable toothbrush heads and contribute to the environment.

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