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Wearing Dentures in Surrey: Do You Still Have to See a Dentist?

A lot of people believe that they no longer have to see a dentist after getting dentures. However, there are many ways a dentist can help maintain dentures. If you have dentures, you must see a denturist in Surrey annually for appliance and oral checks. Also, you should see a dentist to maintain your overall oral health. Here’s why you should not skip your annual dental visits:

Prevent Gum Disease

Even if you have lost all your teeth, you still have gums. Gum infections are serious and contribute to your risk of medical issues like some oral cancers and heart disease. 

Usually, gum disease develops around the teeth; however, it can also develop if you don’t have any teeth, leading to a chronic inflammatory condition. Thankfully, regular visits to your dentist can help detect gum disease and prevent it while it develops. 

Maintain Dentures

As with your natural teeth, dentures must be properly maintained to provide you with the best service. By going to your dentist every six months, you can learn about proper denture maintenance. Your dentist can examine your dentures and mouth as well as offer you tips on how to take care of them. 

Get In-Office Cleanings

As with natural teeth, dentures can get hard mineral deposits that regular brushing and flossing cannot remove. With such deposits, your dentures can look unsightly and may cause unhealthy conditions and unpleasant smells. Trying to get rid of these deposits at home can damage dentures. However, bringing the dentures in for an in-office cleaning can ensure they stay attractive and clean. 

Evaluate Your Bite

As with your natural teeth, your dentures must support your jaw and face. Dentures that do not fit properly can lead to the development of TMJ disorder or sleep apnea. However, a dentist can evaluate your dentist regularly to ensure they are doing their job properly. 

When your dentures wear down, your body loses bone as a response to this change. As a result, your bite can change. Thus, your bite must be evaluated regularly. Also, as your gums are compromised, you need your dentist to look at the gum tissues and ensure they withstand the strain. 

Screen for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can develop even if you don’t have teeth. Sometimes, poorly fitting dentures can cause this development. Regular visits to your dentist can help detect oral cancer in its early stages while it can still be treated. 

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