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Top 4 Toe Exercises After Hammertoe Surgery

If you’ve recently been through hammertoe surgery, then you’re well aware of how important the recovery phase is. One of the key aspects of rehabilitating your toe after surgery is performing targeted exercises. These exercises help reduce swelling, improve mobility, and prevent further issues from developing down the line. In this article, we’ll be discussing some highly effective toe exercises after hammertoe surgery that can assist you in getting back on your feet in no time.

The Importance of Toe Exercises After Surgery

Hammertoe surgery is performed to correct the alignment of the toes, reduce pain, and improve overall foot function. Exercises after hammertoe surgery are critical in restoring flexibility, balance, and strength to the toe muscles.

Additionally, they can promote proper healing of the tendons and ligaments and reduce the risk of complications, such as stiffness or reduced range of motion. Just make sure to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program. So, here are the top four toe exercises after hammertoe surgery that you can incorporate into your daily routine:

1. Towel Stretch

The towel stretch is a simple yet highly beneficial exercise, to begin with. This exercise targets the muscles on the top and bottom of the foot, promoting the healing process. Here’s how to perform the towel stretch:

  • Sit on the floor with both legs extended in front of you.
  • Place a folded towel under the ball of the affected foot, holding both ends of the towel with your hands.
  • Gently pull the towel towards you while keeping your knee straight until a mild stretch is felt on the foot’s arch or the back of your calf.
  • Hold for 15-30 seconds, then release. Repeat 3-4 times for both feet.

2. Toe Flexion and Extension

Toe flexion and extension exercises are essential in increasing the mobility and flexibility of your toes, as well as improving their overall strength. These exercises can be performed either by sitting or lying down. Here’s how to do them:

  • Start by flexing (curling) your toes as if you were attempting to grab something off the floor.
  • Hold for a few seconds, then slowly extend (straighten) your toes.
  • Repeat 10-15 times for each foot.

3. Marble Pick-Up

The marble pick-up exercise is designed to strengthen your toe muscles and improve your coordination. Follow these steps to perform the exercise:

  • Place a marble on the floor in front of the affected foot.
  • Use your toes to pick up the marble and transfer it to a small container.
  • Drop the marble into the container and repeat 10-15 times for each foot.

4. Toe Spread

This exercise helps to improve the strength and flexibility of your toe muscles after hammertoe surgery. Here’s how to perform the toe spread:

  • Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor.
  • Spread your toes as wide as possible, attempting to create space between each toe.
  • Hold for a few seconds before releasing. Repeat 10-15 times for each foot.

By performing these exercises regularly, your toes will soon be back to their pre-surgery condition. Just make sure to listen to your body and take breaks if you feel any discomfort or pain. In case you are not able to do these exercises, consult your doctor for further advice. And if you are someone preparing for the surgery, choose a qualified podiatrist for hammer toe in Marietta to get the best treatment. They will be able to assess your condition and provide the best course of action.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating these toe exercises after hammertoe surgery into your daily routine can significantly improve your recovery process. However, it is essential to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any exercise program. You may also check out this blog post if you are wondering about recovery time after hammertoe surgery. Remember that with proper care and these exercises, you will soon be back on the road to recovery. Thanks for reading.

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