Tooth Care 101

Often gone unnoticed, tooth plays a major factor in your life. Not maintaining proper tooth hygiene can compromise the wellness of your teeth. Clean, white, and perfectly aligned teeth are an asset. People with teeth issues often shy away from smiling in front of others. Further, other issues of the teeth can also make chewing or talking difficult. A dentist from Dental clinic St Clair Shores has given some tooth care tips that you must follow:

Brush your teeth

Bruising teeth regularly is a factor that cannot be emphasized less. According to dentists, you must brush your teeth regularly twice. Brushing helps to get rid of plaque, food particles, dirt, and grime that gets stuck between the teeth. Furthermore, brushing also helps a person to get rid of the odor. 

Use dental floss 

You must use dental floss regularly as the brush often misses out on some places. These places will be cleaned with dental floss. Ensure to floss your teeth after you have your meal. If that is not possible, you can do it once every night.

Use a tongue cleaner

You will get plenty of tongue cleaners in the market. The tongue holds most of the plaque. If you are having an issue of bad breath after brushing and flossing regularly, your tongue is to blame. Use a tongue cleaner and clean your tongue to get rid of the plaque build. Do it every night.

Visit a dentist 

Apart from the cleanliness of your teeth and tongue, you can still have issues with your gums. To ensure that teeth, gums, and overall oral health is perfectly fine, visit a dentist after every interval or if you are facing some issues. People often do not attain their painful tooth concerts and keep delaying the dentist’s appointment. But a minor toothache can be a symptom of various underlying diseases like diabetes or cardiac problems. 

Avoid starch and sugar 

Eating food that is high in carbohydrates might lead to tooth decay. You also must avoid sugary drinks or sweet treats as they are the most dangerous enemies of the teeth. Sugar is not only harmful to the teeth but overall health. Hence, it is best avoided. 


Your teeth are the most crucial factor in your looks and overall health. You chew food with your teeth as it is the first step of digestion. Weak teeth can also lead to several digestive problems. So, taking care of them should always be your priority. 

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