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Tips and tricks to avoid tooth decay

Tooth decay, AKA, cavities, are basically permanent damage to some areas in your teeth formed due to the settling of a range of components.  A few such components include mouth bacteria, leftover snacks, sugary drinks, and soda over time on your teeth. Cavities develop gradually over many years; if not taken care of, these cavities start forming tiny holes in your teeth and destroy them slowly. Symptoms of tooth decay can range from a toothache, bad breath, tooth sensitivity, pain while biting or eating food, and many more. That said, if you have tooth decay, you can contact the best dentist in Fort Myers today for the appropriate treatment. 

Moving forward, although tooth decay is a common health problem worldwide, it can be easily prevented by adopting some measures.  Here are some tips and tricks of dental care to prevent potential tooth decay.

Brush at least two times a day

Tooth decay generally happens when the bacteria from foods and sugary drinks break down and settles down in your teeth. Don’t be afraid because these bacteria need time to form a cavity. Hence, you can get rid of them by brushing. Brush at least twice daily. This way, the bacteria won’t have enough time to settle.

Avoid sweets and sugary drinks

We know how hard it is to refrain from sweets and sugary drinks. But the more you avoid them, the more you can protect your teeth from cavities. Avoid eating candies as they stay in your mouth for a long time. The more time the sugar stays in your mouth, the more chance there is for a cavity to form.

Rinse or brush right after you have eaten sweets

If you can’t resist sweets, the best thing to do is to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth right after having a sweet.


Fluoride is a mineral that keeps your teeth healthy and makes them strong. Having good fluoride content in your food can help your teeth fight cavities. Always use gum that has a good fluoride content in it. Consume enough quantity of water every day because water has a high fluoride.

Consume crunchy fruits

Some fruits like apples are good for your teeth. This is because they carry a high fiber content. The fiber in these fruits strengthens your teeth and acts as natural toothpaste.


Oral hygiene is very important for your dental health. People often ignore dental care and end up with a bad dental emergency. Prevention is 100x times superior to cure. Hence, don’t wait for any dental disease to worsen. Rather, try to avoid it in the first place. Have regular check-ups with a dentist to ensure effective care for your teeth.

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