Is BlueChew Legit? Learn More About the Service Giving Men More Confidence

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common medical issue that more than half of all men will experience at some point in their lives. What is BlueChew and where does it come in? If you’ve heard of BlueChew before, you may associate it with treatment for this condition. You may have also wondered ‘Is BlueChew legit?’ It’s time to find out the truth behind what is BlueChew and how it works.

What Is BlueChew?

BlueChew is not a medication for ED but a service that ensures men get the prescription they need for ED. There is no such thing as BlueChew pills. So what is BlueChew? BlueChew was designed to make it possible for men to take control over ED. While it may be a common condition, it’s also one that can have a serious impact on a man’s life and relationships.

How does BlueChew work? The company offers two different medications: Sildenafil and Tadalafil. The former (Sildenafil) contains the same active ingredient as that found in Viagra and the latter (Tadalafil) contains the same active ingredient as Cialis.

Signing up with BlueChew means you can get these medications every month, delivered right to your door. Wrapped in discreet packaging, the service has taken care of all the pesky details that can keep men from getting treatment that will give them more confidence in the bedroom.

These quality medications are available in chewable form (inspiring the name of the company), making it easy for men who would prefer not to swallow pills. There is no such thing as BlueChew pills. They’re prescribed online by a licensed medical professional and delivered through a licensed pharmacy.

Why Do Men Like BlueChew?

It’s not just one reason why a man signs up for BlueChew. Everyone has their own story:

  • Convenience: Some men would rather not stop by a pharmacy month after month. Getting a package delivered to their homes is a priceless benefit.
  • Privacy: Men who live in a small town might want to try BlueChew for anonymity. They don’t have to visit their regular provider or see the same people time and again at a drugstore.
  • Location: Some men don’t live near a provider or a pharmacy.
  • Customer service: BlueChew has truly stellar customer service, making their team easy to talk to no matter what’s happening.
  • Options: Customers have the option to sign up for any number of plans, depending on their preferences and medical history.
  • Ease of use: Some people don’t like swallowing pills, particularly if they have other medical conditions that might interfere with the process.

BlueChew’s slogan is succinct: Chew it and do it. The whole point of the company is to take the guesswork out of getting ED medication and make everything flow as smoothly as possible.

Is BlueChew Legit?

BlueChew has partnered with a number of healthcare providers and pharmacies to ensure all customers get the diagnosis and medication they need. Here’s what you need to know if you want to answer this common question:

  • Licensed medical professionals: Not all men can take ED medication due to their medical history. The online consultations thoroughly evaluate eligibility and always put safety first.
  • Made in the USA: BlueChew is made in the United States, so customers can rest easy that there were strict regulations put in place to guarantee quality production.

Is BlueChew Available Everywhere?

Unfortunately, BlueChew is not available everywhere or to everyone. Because every state has its own telemedicine laws, some customers may not be able to sign up for the service. However, customers can register their names to be notified if the rules change. BlueChew is currently working on being available in all parts of the US.

In addition, some men may not be able to get a prescription for either Tadalafil or Sildenafil. Conditions such as diabetes or a history of heart disease may preclude people from signing up.

Does BlueChew Run Special Offers?

Yes. BlueChew offers a number of specials, including a free month free or $20 off any plan. The trial promo makes it especially easy for anyone hesitating. Trying it is an excellent way for any customer to see what they think.

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