How to Heal a Nerve Injury

Peripheral nerve injury (also known as peripheral neuropathy) affects the brain’s ability to communicate with your muscles, organs, and other parts of your body. Peripheral nerve damage can be temporary in many cases.

Treatment Path

Treatment options vary depending on how severe the injury is. You may be able to recover with no surgery if your nerve is just injured. Nerves can heal slowly and sometimes take many months. These mild nerve injuries can be treated non-surgically with medication, physical therapy, or massage therapy.

Peripheral nerve surgery is a procedure that can repair or reconstruct damaged nerves. Surgery may be required to repair or cut nerves, remove severe compressions or to treat nerves that aren’t healing naturally.

Your doctor will help you treat nerve damage that is caused by a medical condition. We are part of the only academic health network in eastern Wisconsin and have access to all medical specialists when necessary.

Surgery Options

We work closely with patients who have nerve damage that requires surgery. The goal of treatment, which is to improve hand and foot function as well as quality of life, is to achieve this.

There are many surgical options available, including:

  • Brachial plexus surgery is performed to fix the nerve network in the shoulder.
  • Nerve decompression is used to alleviate the pain and numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, or nerve compression.
  • Neurolysis is a procedure to remove scar tissue from a nerve that is restricting its function.
  • Nerve grafting is a procedure to reconstruct a severed or damaged nerve using a graft taken either from your nerves, or from a human cadaver.
  • Nerve transfers are when a nerve is borrowed from another motor nerve and plugged into a damaged one that is more important for quality life.
  • To relieve neck and shoulder pain and numbness, a surgeon can perform thoracic outlet surgery in the area between your first and second ribs.

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