Check 5 common misconceptions about adult braces

When we think of braces, we usually imagine the metalwork that looks odd and displeasing. However, if you have misaligned teeth or need a straighter smile, you can always consider orthodontic care. In other words, it is never too late to get braces. After you visit an Orthodontist in South Bay, you can discover the various ways to fix your concerns. In this post, we are discussing the common misconceptions about adult braces.

#1 – You cannot get braces in your 20s

As we mentioned earlier, you can consider seeking help at any age. Your orthodontist will explain the treatment options and how you can get a set of perfectly aligned teeth. Braces work by putting pressure on your teeth and getting them into appropriate positions, and therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are 40 or 12.

#2 – Getting braces will affect your aesthetics

Today, we don’t have to rely on metal braces alone to correct orthodontic issues. Invisalign is one of the most revolutionary treatments available for adults, and the aligner trays that you get are almost invisible to the eye. You can continue wearing them at work and expect similar results as with conventional braces.  

#3 – Getting braces is painful

In the past, braces were known to cause discomfort, but that is not true anymore. You can go for clear aligners, which rely on plastic trays, and even if you are choosing metal braces, you can fix those concerns with some orthodontic wax. Your dentist will ensure you don’t feel pain as you attempt to fix your smile.

#4 – Getting braces is expensive

Again, the cost of getting braces or clear aligners depends on several factors, including the extent of misalignment and other orthodontic concerns. You may need to wear the trays for a longer period if you have serious concerns related to overcrowding or crossbites. The orthodontist will explain the entire treatment plan and pricing in detail.

#5 – One needs to wear braces for a long time

Each case is unique, but depending on the type of braces you choose, malocclusion concerns, and expected results, you shouldn’t have to wear your braces for more than two years. For most patients, the results are evident within six months.

Getting that dream smile doesn’t have to be complex with modern orthodontic treatment. No matter the severity of malocclusion, you should see a dentist and discuss the most optimal and affordable way to achieve the desired outcome.


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