Can CBD Oil Really Help Your Dog or Cat?

Some people in the pet circle believe that CBD oil is the cure for most of the ailments our dogs and cats tend to suffer from. While there are other people who stand by the fact that there is not much information to support this claim. If you are in this dilemma of whether you should use CBD oil for dogs and cats, you are at the right place. In this blog, you will find everything there is to know for you to be able to make your decision.

What exactly is CBD oil?

One of the numerous cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant is CBD. It is essentially cannabidiol, but it shouldn’t be mistaken, though, with marijuana, which has a lot of the psychoactive substance THC. The final product, CBD oil, is made from an extract of the Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa plant that has been extracted for its oil. It has been demonstrated in many studies that CBD oil has pain-relieving properties that can help not only humans but pets as well. Now, thanks to word of the mouth marketing, you can find CBD in many forms-from CBD softgels to CBD balm.

How does CBD oil interact with dogs?

All mammals are capable of experiencing the powerful therapeutic and balancing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), one of the cannabis plant’s main ingredients. CBD can aid in the body’s return to homeostasis by enhancing the endocannabinoid system.

Endocannabinoid receptors are widely distributed in canine brain tissue. These receptors are also widely distributed in the animal’s central and peripheral nervous systems. The cannabinoids present in CBD bind to these receptors and the binding influences a positive state in the animal. CBD oil can be administered to pets in doses advised by the vet as a relaxing stimulant. The oil helps your pet unwind and provides a much-needed respite from ongoing anxiety. The anti-anxiety cannabinoids in cannabis are what’s causing this calmness. There are several other benefits to giving your beloved pet some CBD oil. CBD oil for dogs is popular for calming dogs or cats and is also very beneficial in the following circumstances:

  • Chronic hip and joint discomfort
  • Digestive issues
  • Reducing seizures
  • Insomnia, Depression
  • Tense muscles
  • Psychological assistance

Are people seriously loving CBD oil?

The anecdotes you will find online will state this CBD oil has been a miracle product for their dog. Some would go on to say that CBD oil has greatly reduced their dog’s nervousness in the car and during grooming.  A pet owner who used CBD oil to calm her dog during a seizure says it’s a fantastic alternative. “I have been administering 8 drops to Brando twice a day. I give him 8 drops three times a day on days when he has a seizure, and it entirely controls the cluster attacks!

In some ways, CBD comes as a relief for pet parents who previously felt helpless when their pets were in pain. CBD is used by pet owners for a variety of behavioral and medical conditions, such as cancer pain, anxiety, OCD, arthritis, seizures, neurological and digestive diseases, prior traumas, social withdrawal, and irritable moods.

Is it safe to give CBD oil to dogs and cats?

As was mentioned, there are two sides to this debate. Some pet owners have reported anecdotal proof that CBD oil works like magic in a bottle to treat their animals’ medical issues. Some others are skeptical because they are concerned about the “high” the CBD would provide the dog.

Cannabis is a plant family that includes both hemp and marijuana, however, they are completely different species. THC is dominantly present in marijuana due to which you experience the high effect. However, hemp plants are high in the beneficial CBD component while having very low THC.

In India, for CBD oil to be legal, the THC content has to be within 0.3% and brands like hempstrol adhere to this limit. Their Pet CBD oil has 0.3% THC which is so minuscule that it won’t give your dog a “high.” Unlike other brands, Hempstrol has a separate line of pet products including CBD oil for cats and cats that get all the nutrients important to them.

What is the right dosage of CBD oil that should be given to dogs and pets?

You as a pet owner may be required to experiment to determine the proper CBD dosage because it will differ from your dog to dog and cat to cat and depend on the circumstance.

You can find a tonne of theories on the internet about how much CBD oil for cats you should be giving your pets. In actuality,  the right dosage is based on the pet’s body weight. It is generally between 2 to 8 drops. For dogs and cats, 1 mg to 5 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight is typically advised. The amount of liquid oil or biscuits you give may vary depending on potencies, so be sure to check the actual amount of CBD in a dose. To come up with the right dosage, it is safe to get in touch with the Hempstrol team of vets who are qualified to give you the right dosage as per your cat’s and dog’s condition. For example, if your dog has arthritis, and severe separation anxiety, his/her dosage can’t be the same if compared to a dog who is perfectly fine. Always test a small amount of the medication for side effects before administering the entire dosage.

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