Guarantees: legal, financial, medical

Delivering Dreams is a reliable surrogacy and donor programs. Whether you are an expectant parent, a surrogate, or a donor, you can be sure that we will work with honest and decent specialists, fully aware of their responsibility and clearly fulfilling all tasks. We guarantee our customers and donors and surrogates cooperating with us to observe all contractual terms and other obligations arising in the process of surrogacy programs. All guarantees are listed below.

On organizational issues

  • Providing a personal curator for the program, to ensure timely preparation of documents, necessary meetings and consultations, organizing the timely participation of the clients, donors and surmamas in the necessary tests, medical examinations and procedures.
  • Supervising the surrogate’s compliance with contractual provisions (mandatory attendance at the procedures required for the program, and adherence to the daily routine and nutrition recommended by the fertility specialists and obstetricians). Our surrogacy programs do not allow for fraud.
  • Regular informing the clients on the progress of the program, the upcoming events and the peculiarities of the surrogate’s condition while carrying their genetic child.
  • Possibility for the customer to monitor the surrogate participating in the program, familiarize herself with the conditions of her living environment and her fulfillment of the terms of the contract.
  • Free replacement of the surrogate mother, if the examination reveals her unsuitability (which may happen very seldom, but still happens) or if there are medical indications during the program.

On financial issues

  • Providing a fixed amount of the contract without any additional increase in cost.
  • Phased payment under the contract, starting from the moment of approval of the surrogate, with subsequent payments in each trimester of the pregnancy.
  • Payment by any method convenient to the customer with a transfer to our bank account.
  • Ability to negotiate the schedule of payments in discussing the terms of the contract.
  • Flexible pricing policy, the ability to select the program individually, considering the financial capabilities of the customer, phased payments.
  • Replacement of the surmama due to medical reasons without any additional costs for the client.
  • Providing fixed payment for surmamas and donors.

On legal issues

  • Fixing the clients’ parental rights in the surrogacy contract, as well as the surrogate’s obligation to transfer the child she gives birth to the genetic parents.
  • Registration of the clients’ parental rights based on DNA testing of both parents.
  • Selection by clients of surrogates from among several candidates, with the genetic parents receiving official information about the social and health status of each applicant.
  • In programs involving IVF with donor egg or donor sperm, clients are granted the right to choose a donor by genotype.
  • Confidentiality of the terms of the contract, the composition of its participants and the specifics of the program implementation, including the use of donor cells or sperm.

On medical issues.

  • Organization of all medical procedures and examinations based on an advanced medical center, with which Will Mama is associated in partnership.
  • Full examination of the surmother.
  • Arranging for the professional management of the pregnancy with the surmother.
  • Ensuring that embryos can be stored in the cryobank of the partner reproductive medical center for subsequent surrogacy programs.

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