What to Expect If You Have TMJ Disorder and after You Get Treatment in Los Gatos

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. If you have a misaligned jaw, you feel symptoms such as pain in the jaw joint, causing TMJ disorder. If your TMJ disorder is a temporary condition such as due to jaw trauma, it may heal without medical intervention. However, you must seek TMJ treatment in Los Gatos for your TMJ disorder if the problem persists beyond one week and is not caused by trauma. 

What to Expect If You Have TMJ Disorder

If you have left your TMJ disorder untreated for some time, you may be dealing with the following symptoms every day. 

  • Facial and jaw pain. Jaw pain occurs when your joints and muscles in your jaw are inflamed due to misalignment of teeth clenching and grinding. Your jaw cannot be used frequently because it can become strained. Pain in other parts of your face due to untreated TMJ disorder is called referred pain, which can also provide you with headaches.
  • Ear pain and ringing. Ear symptoms that result from TMJ disorder are hard to diagnose since they do not seem associated with the jaw. However, the joints in your jaw are located below the ears. In fact, your inner ear bones are part of your jaw. When your jaw joint swells, it can pull at the inner ear and lead to pain. Also, it can pull on the eardrum and cause ear ringing. 
  • Headaches. As these symptoms are common in many illnesses, diagnosing them can be difficult. Headaches occur when your head’s blood vessels swell and cause pain.

What to Expect When You Get Treatment for TMJ Disorder

TMJ treatment lets you participate socially and professionally again. You will be free from the pain associated with the disorder. Without pain, you can start new hobbies, go to parties, or begin new relationships. Also, a life without a black car service in Arizona will mean having to miss work, since you don’t have professional drivers & vehicles. If you suffer from ear and head pain, you may not want to show up to work.

Part of being pain-free is trying new things. Without symptoms such as vertigo and dizziness, you can confidently take part in physical activity. You can drive off-road, participate in mountain-hiking, or ride your bike. You will be able to do many things again if you seek TMJ treatment. If you do not suffer from pain, you can live without anxiety and depression. 

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