How Often to Visit a Dental Clinic for Oral Health Maintenance?

Professional teeth cleaning are essential because it lessens the risk of gum disease and cavities. Good oral care practice at home is crucial to prevent dental issues. Many people are not aware that even if the oral care protocol is committedly followed, they can struggle with cavities.

The universal dental association recommends brushing a minimum of twice daily and flossing once during the day. It is a practice to decrease the buildup of plaque. If you ignore then the plaque hardens and turns into tartar. Tartar formation makes it hard to clean your teeth. The environment created is excellent for the bacteria to thrive but you are exposed to the risk of tooth decay. The only way to handle this tartar buildup is to give the Ranch Bernardo dental clinic a visit for professional cleaning.

How often to visit a dental clinic?

You need to visit the Rancho Bernardo dentistry at least once every year for professional oral health checkup and professional cleaning. The recommended frequency of visit to the dental clinic for professional teeth cleaning is every 6 months, which means twice a year. For some patients, a more frequent visit will be needed – for example, those with periodontics or gum disease. People with diabetes or heart conditions will also need to visit frequently because it is connected to dental issues.

Good reasons to visit a dentist twice a year

Plaque returns quickly after teeth cleaning

Twice a year is a good recommendation. During the teeth cleaning process, the dentist removed the bacteria that caused plaque but within a couple of days, it starts to recolonize. Even with good oral hygiene practice, plaque reforms before six months. The longer it remains, the more it calcifies on your teeth’ surface.

Calcified plaque is hard to remove at home. It needs special skills and tools. A professional cleaning two times a year means you are less likely to deal with stubborn tartar buildup, which can damage your oral health.

Identify medical issues early

Visiting your dentist in Rancho Bernardo can uncover early signs of issues riskier than plaque. While cleaning, the dentist can easily spot signs of receding gums, new cavities, oral cancer, anemia signs, or other medical issues. Gum disease is connected to cardiovascular disease, so identifying it early can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack.

What happens during a dental cleaning?

When you make an appointment with the best dentist Poway and arrive at the clinic a thorough oral examination is conducted using the dental mirror. After evaluating the mouth and other teeth parts [even the unreachable ones] they can order X-rays. They need to diagnose tooth decay or cavities if any below the gum surface.

For dental cleaning special tools are used to access space between teeth and gum line to clean the plaque and tartar. Scaler is used to remove the tartar formation. A gritty toothbrush is used to scrub teeth surface, which even removes stains and remaining tartar debris.

Schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Poway for better oral health maintenance!

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