Common Myths About Dental Care

A surprising number of people living in Ohio consider some dental care myths as facts, which often result in a compromise of dental health. Such myths need to be busted to make sure the oral health of all people stays good, and visits to a Toledo dentist for regular dental check-ups to reduce unnecessary fear of dental treatments. Now, let’s bust some common myths about dental care.

“Brushing Harder Cleans Better”

A plethora of people believe applying more force while brushing will clean the teeth better, but that is far from the truth. Brushing too hard damages the protective outer layer called enamel and irritates the gums, which results in increased sensitivity and recession of gums. It is suggested that a soft-bristled brush be used in a circular motion.

“You Only Need to Visit the Dentist if You Have a Problem”

Some people think dental visits are only needed when a person is facing some dental problems, but regular visits to a dentist are highly recommended to make sure oral health stays good. Numerous dental issues can be easily avoided and effectively treated if detected at an early stage. With regular dental check-ups, a dentist does precisely that, which prevents further problems, too.

“Sugar is the Main Cause of Cavities”

It is definitely true that sugar leads to the development of cavities, but portraying sugar as the only culprit would not be correct. Cavities take place because of the bacteria present inside the mouth that feed on such sugary substances and release acids that erode the enamel. Limiting sugar intake and practicing good oral hygiene is extremely important to make sure the oral health of a person remains good.

“White Teeth are Healthy Teeth”

It is not always true that white teeth represent healthy teeth. There can be numerous reasons for the discoloration of the teeth besides poor oral health, like aging, consumption of some foods that cause stains, and genetics. A person is susceptible to some underlying dental problem even if the teeth appear pretty white to the eyes.

“Flossing is Not Necessary”

A plethora of people think of flossing as something that can be neglected and not really a necessity. Still, the truth is there are some areas in the mouth where merely brushing alone is not good enough to reach, particularly between the teeth. Plaque and food particles get stuck there, causing numerous dental problems, which is why flossing is imperative.

Visiting a dentist and overcoming fear!

A lot of people fear visiting a dentist, but there is literally nothing to worry about. Dental check-ups and treatments are needed to prevent the problem from turning severe and maintain good overall dental health.

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