Removing the sick tooth from girls mouth

When is Tooth Extraction Recommended? 

A dentist in Aliso Viejo, CA, sometimes recommends tooth extraction if he or she thinks that your teeth cannot be rescued. In such instances, it is best to go with your doctor’s advice as he or she has the best interest of your dental health in mind.

Following are the instances in which dentists usually recommend tooth extraction.

  • Severed tooth decay

Severed tooth decay demands tooth extraction. This is because the tooth needs to be surgically removed to prevent the infection from spreading. Unless you remove the affected tooth immediately, the rest of your teeth might also get affected, and might lead to complete tooth loss. So, tooth extraction is the best thing to do if you have severe tooth decay.

  • A fractured tooth

If you have a fractured tooth, the best thing to do is remove the entire tooth because it is hard to save. A tooth extraction ensures that the broken tooth doesn’t get infected and causes pain. So, if you have a fractured tooth, it is best to remove the tooth to reduce further infection.

  • Crowded teeth

When your teeth are too crowded, it is hard for the tooth to develop normally. As a result, one or more teeth might not develop properly, leading to bite problems and gum diseases. In such instances, a tooth extraction becomes necessary. Tooth extractions give the other teeth a chance to develop properly by providing space for them.

  • Severe gum disease

Gum diseases are caused as a result of the accumulation of plaque and tartar inside the gum. If there is severe gum disease, your dentist might recommend removing the affected tooth to prevent further damage. A tooth extraction will help treat the disease and also prevent the infection from spreading.

  • Tooth luxation or other dental injuries

Tooth luxation occurs when a tooth is displaced from its socket as a result of the trauma. Other dental injuries that might demand a tooth extraction include internal caries of the tooth, cysts, and abscesses. 

  • For the purpose of tooth replacement

Tooth extraction is needed in order to replace a tooth with dental restorations like a bridge or denture. In the case of dental restorations, your dentist will first remove the tooth and then fit the partial denture or bridge over the sockets so that they look natural and you will be able to smile naturally like any other normal person.

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