Use essential Oils To Fight Toenail Fungus Infection

You have noticed discoloration on your toenails and the surrounding area. It is one of the most noticeable signs of toenail fungus. Fungal infection of the toenails is now quite prevalent. A lot of people are experiencing foot problems.

Often people don’t take proper care of their feet and neglect them. They forget that their feet are working constantly and need proper attention and care. Eventually, they come up with various feet problems. People only pay attention and look for nail fungus laser treatment when they detect changes. Dr. SimaSoltani Podiatry Office in Irvine, treating people with feet problem for more than 20years. Dr. SimaSoltani Podiatry Office in Irvine is an expert in toenail fungus.

Spend some time taking care of your feet. You cannot take discoloring toenails lightly. If you don’t treat them on time, they will spread to other toes as the infection progresses. Doctors prescribe a lot of medication and laser therapy for toenail fungus, but sometimes people experience some side effects. Essential oils come as an alternative to it.

Many people are unaware of the benefits and healing qualities of various essential oils. They’re unsure how it can aid in the treatment of fungal infections. In that case, keep reading to find out more about essential oil as a fungal infection treatment.

Essential oil for toenail fungus infection

Many essential oils are rich in anti-fungal properties. One of the widely recommended and most popular is clove essential oil. Clove essential oil can destroy fungus and has anti-fungal properties. While you are looking for toenail fungus laser treatment near me, why don’t you also look for how you can use these essential oils to protect your toenails?

How to use clove essential oil for toenail fungus?

When talking about the application process of clove essential oil, you need to use a carrier oil to dilute it before it touches the skin. You have a wide variety of carrier oil options like – Almond oil, argan oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, black seed oil, and many others. After mixing clove essential oil with the carrier oil, follow the following routine –

  • Clean your toes, feet, and toenails with water and soap
  • Thoroughly dry your feet and toes with a soft towel
  • Apply one or two drops of the oil mixture onto the infected nail
  • Let the oil soak for about 10minutes
  • Scrub your nail with a soft toothbrush
  • Repeat this process daily
  • Stick to the process until a new nail replaces your infected one

It will take months. Some clinical data suggests essential oils may be beneficial in the treatment of toenail fungus.

It is always better to consult your doctor about the treatment.

A podiatrist uses a specific approach to diagnose and laser nail therapy for your foot problem. They are the only ones who can give you professional advice to maintain long-term foot health.

A podiatrist by your side means you are at the right place and in a safe hand. You don’t have to worry about the spread of infection or any other foot-related problem.

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