Let’s Make Your Loved One Feel At Home: How to Choose the Perfect Nursing Home.

Embarking on the journey of finding the ideal nursing home for your beloved family member can

be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Rest assured that it’s completely okay to ask loads of

questions, seek additional information, and fight for the rights and needs of your loved one.

Demystifying the Finances: Understanding the financial obligations tied to nursing homes is

utterly crucial. Don’t hesitate to ask about the weekly charges and exactly what they cover. As a

general rule, most residents in care homes are eligible for Funded Care (FNC), a lovely helping

hand from the NHS that provides £209.19 per week to cover the cost of round-the-clock

registered nursing care (subject to change). Just ensure that this FNC is included in the weekly

cost quoted by the home. You’ll find most nursing homes take care of the FNC registration for

newcomers, with payments heading straight to the home. A quick note though, if your loved one

has Continuing Healthcare (CHC) status, they won’t be covered by FNC. And always keep your

eyes open for any hidden costs that might creep in like membership fees or initial advance


Finding a Home that Fits Like a Glove: Not all nursing homes are created equal. Some are

focused on specific areas like dementia care or physical disabilities, while others provide a

broader spectrum of care. So, first and foremost, understand your loved one’s unique care

requirements. Say, for instance, your loved one is managing dementia, it’s vital to ensure the

home can capably meet these needs. A home that specializes in dementia care will likely

provide a comforting and understanding environment. If your dear one is under 65, do check the

home’s age policy as many are only licensed for those above 65. Trustworthy services like

Trusted Care can be your guiding light in this process. If you’re searching for a nursing home in

London, for example, they can steer you towards a fitting choice.

Exploring the Home: Picking a nursing home is a bit like choosing a new home – it’s all about

the vibe. So, pop in for a visit a few times, ideally at various times of the day. This way, you’ll get

a true feel of the place, its daily rhythm and the overall atmosphere. Look around at the

residents – do they appear content and well cared for? What about the staff? Are they patient,

compassionate, and focused? Consider the décor, the furnishings, and how clean everything is.

Can you picture your loved one being happy here? If food is something they enjoy, why not ask

about the meal plan and maybe even try a meal yourself?

Pouring Over Reviews and Inspection Reports: To get a genuine feel for a nursing home,

consider what other people are saying. Hunt for online reviews and ratings from both residents

and their families. Keep in mind though, opinions can be subjective, so balance these personal

insights with more formal evaluations. Every nursing home in England is overseen by the Care

Quality Commission (CQC) and they rate each home after inspection. These ratings, which vary

from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Inadequate’, offer a reliable measure of a home’s quality. You can access

these full inspection reports on the CQC website or via TrustedCare.co.uk.

Setting Up Communication Channels: Once your loved one has moved into their new home,

you’ll probably want regular updates about their well-being. Most nursing homes are very

welcoming to families and encourage frequent visits. But what if you live far away or in a

different country? Well, it’s vital then to establish good communication channels. Many homes

offer phone lines in residents’ rooms or a cordless phone that can be brought to the resident for

private chats. If your loved one prefers their mobile or hearing is a concern, you can arrange to

speak directly with the caregiver of the day.

Remember, selecting the right nursing home is a process. Trust your gut feelings, be detailed in

your research, and prioritize your loved one’s needs and comfort above everything else.

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